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Bathroom Accessories complement the overall style of your suite as well as providing additional functionality, with storage solutions as well as essentials such as fixings, shower valves and wastes.

Simple additions such as robe hooks, tooth brush holders, soap dishes, toilet roll holders, towel rings and rails, shelves and toilet brush holders provide simple and effective storage to specific bathroom products, ultimately saving space, giving your toiletries a home.

After all the major purchases have been made you must make sure you have money left in your budget to pay for accessories; if overlooked, a lack of essential accessories will lead your brand new bathroom to be spoiled by toilet rolls left on the cistern, towels on the floor and soap already staining your basin.

Of course, some are more important than others, and the right set of accessories can make or break a bathroom design if they don’t correlate with the interior, provide easy to use functions or provide more hassle than good (which can be the case with cheap soap dispensers and badly designed toilet roll holders).