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As the bath is the ultimate place to relax, not to mention the largest item in your bathroom, choosing the perfect bath is essential. AC Bathrooms has a wide range of tubs available including freestanding baths, roll top baths, boat baths, slipper baths, shower baths, whirlpool baths, straight baths, L shaped baths, P shaped baths, acrylic baths and more. How you will use the bath in your daily life and the style of your bathroom are important factors when making your decision.

Luxury bathrooms are becoming more affordable and achievable in the home, allowing you the indulgence you might expect from a hotel or spa in your everyday life. There is a wealth of awe-inspiring furniture, units, baths and technology available to make your bathroom experience a high class one.

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We also stock a range of accessories including beautiful, hardwearing panels and shower screens in all shapes and sizes. Sinking into a nice hot bath after a long day is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Choosing the right bath for you and your bathroom will ensure you can have a soak in real comfort.